Jobsite Safety

Falls are the # 1 contributor to work related injuries and death. Because most of our services involve working from roofs and tall extension ladders, we take workplace safety very seriously.

We have created a comprehensive safety program to protect both our workers and your home. Our safety program includes monthly safety meetings. Regular audit and repair of all tools and equipment. Mandated use of safety equipment for field technicians, and more! Our safety program is always evolving as more data, and better equipment becomes available. 


Our Safety Measures

Anti-slip Boots 

Roofers have for years taken advantage of a little known trade secret…Roofers would often use couch cushions, or other foam products to support themselves while working on steep sloped roofs. The foam would prevent slippage on loose roofing granules, and would allow them to access roofs with very steep inclines. Recently, a patented roofing was developed that utilizes this same principle in the soles of their boots. These boots offer an extreme advantage over standard boots or sneakers, and provide extra fall protection for our technicians. All of our technicians are required to wear these special anti-slip roofing boots at all times while working from your roof.

Fall Protection 

For steeper pitched, and/or taller roofs, fall protection may be required when ladder access is also restricted.  All of our technicians carry fall protection to use as needed.

Ladder Stabilizers 

Ladder stabilizers, sometimes referred to as ladder stand-offs, not only stabilize the ladder, but also prevent the ladder from slipping by using rubber bumpers or pads at the ends of the stabilizer. Additionally, the stabilizer sits on the roof or siding, eliminating contact with, and protecting your gutters which are vulnerable to dents caused by ladders.

In Addition To Taking Proper Safety Meseaures For Our Workers, Guttermaid Is Also Covered By The Following Legal Protection:

  • Workers comp insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Liability insurance

MHIC #107969

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