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If you’re having gutter cleanings performed regularly, only to find your gutters full of debris again within a few short weeks, then you should consider adding a leaf protection system. A base type system can be very affordable and perfect for keeping your gutters functional in-between gutter cleanings. Some of the more advanced systems can greatly reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for gutter cleaning altogether.


Why Choose GutterMaid to Install Your Leaf Protection System?

Best Value in the Industry:

  • We provide quality installation fully backed by the manufacturer’s warranty and our own workmanship guarantee.
  • We will assist you in purchasing a system that fits your home’s particular needs and budget.
  • Because we are not affiliated with any manufacturers, we offer a straightforward, unbiased recommendation.

Factors to consider when choosing a leaf protection system:

  • Roof pitch
  • Roof type
  • Amount of debris
  • Type of debris
  • Budget

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There are many different types of leaf protection. And while one type may work well on one home, it can fail on another. Our experienced estimators will evaluate your home, and help you decide which options are best for you.

While other Maryland gutter cleaning companies are charging upwards of $20.00 per foot, GutterMaid can install every type of system at a fraction of the cost.

Types Of Leaf Protection

All of our leaf protection installations are performed by our experienced, in-house service technicians. No matter which product you choose, all installs come complete with our full gutter cleaning service including flushing all gutters and downspouts with water, as well as re-nailing any loose gutter spikes, all at no additional cost!

Below are the four basic types of leaf protection as well as pricing guidelines for each type. Price includes material and installation.

Gutter Screens


  • Budget friendly
  • High-Volume water flow
  • Compatible with most gutters and roof types


  • Not effective against smaller types of debris
  • Smaller sections means more seams
  • Requires more maintenance than other types of leaf protection

$4 – $5 per foot

For budget conscious consumers, gutter screens are a great way to limit maintenance, and to keep gutters functional between cleanings. Although gutter screens allow for high-volume water flow, they are not effective against smaller debris such as Pine Needles and Maple Seeds. Gutter screens will require more maintenance than all other leaf protection types.

Perforated Cover


  • Effective against smaller types of debris
  • Low visibility from the ground
  • Longer sections means less seams
  • Compatible with most gutters and roof types


  • Somewhat restrictive to water flow
  • Because they lay flat, debris can accumulate on top of the system

$7 – $8 per foot

We recommend perforated covers to Homeowners looking for an effective solution at a reasonable price. Perforated covers are great for keeping out smaller debris, and are also not as restrictive to water flow as some of the other types of leaf protection systems. For these reasons, we recommend perforated covers more than any other type of leaf protection.

Gutter Filters


  • Effective against smaller types of debris
  • Low maintenance
  • Compatible with most gutters and roof types


  • Somewhat restrictive to water flow
  • Smaller sections means more seams
  • Debris compost can clog fine mesh
  • Not recommended for half round gutters

$8 – $10 per foot

Gutter filters provide excellent protection against even the smallest types of debris. However, they are generally not as rigid as some of the other leaf protection types, meaning they are more susceptible to damage from snow accumulation and impact damage. In addition, the fine mesh can become easily clogged if accumulated debris is not removed from the top of the system.

Solid Cover


  • Effective against smaller types of debris
  • Low maintenance


  • Very restrictive to water flow
  • Highly visible from the ground
  • Not compatible with all roof types
  • Most expensive

$10 – $12 per foot

Solid gutter covers can be a very effective form of leaf protection. It works by using surface tension to direct water into the gutter, while preventing leaves twigs and other debris from entering. Because of its design, it is not compatible with all roof and gutter types. It is also very restrictive to water flow, and has the highest installation price of all leaf protection types. For these reasons, we very rarely recommend solid gutter covers.

GutterMaid does not manufacture, or produce any leaf protection products. GutterMaid will provide guidance and assist you in your decision, but in no way makes any performance claims or guaranties. Home owner is to look to applicable manufactures warranty as needed. GutterMaid will however stand behind and warranty workmanship on all installs for a period of one year. Leaf protection systems are meant to limit maintenance, and help maintain proper performance between gutter cleanings. It is highly recommended to have any leaf protection system maintained, which may include, flushing out gutters and downspouts, clearing debris off the top of the system, and re-adjusting the system. Maintenance will vary based on type of system, roof type, tree type/quantity, etc. It is up to the homeowner to monitor their gutters performance, and schedule maintenance as needed.

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