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Leaf Protection: What We Offer

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While other Maryland gutter cleaning companies are charging upwards of $20.00 per foot, GutterMaid can install every type of system at a fraction of the cost.

There are many different types of leaf protection. And while one type may work well on one home, it can fail on another. Our experienced estimators will evaluate your home, and help you decide which options are best for you. All of our leaf protection installations are performed by our experienced, in-house service technicians. All installs come complete with our full gutter cleaning service including flushing all gutters and downspouts with water, as well as re-nailing any loose gutter spikes, all at no additional cost!

Check our our Leaf Protection page for more detailed info!

How to Prepare for Gutter Installation Services in Your Home

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Collecting rainwater is a necessity in various parts of the country, especially due to the ever-increasing water shortage. Rainwater supplements the little water that you get from the municipality at a cost. Additionally, harvesting rainwater is essential in protecting your residential property from water damage during storms.

But before you hire gutter installation services, you have to prepare by incorporating the following strategies.

1. Research Different Gutters

One of the primary steps you need to take is to analyze the different types of gutters in the industry so that you can know what works for your house. Primarily, half-round and K-style are the two types of gutter shapes you have to choose from. Given that you don’t have sufficient information on the merits and demerits of each gutter, you need to get advice from technicians on which type to use.

2. Repaint Your Home

You might be tempted to hire gutter installation services before repainting your house. This is a problem that has caught up with a large number of homeowners. Gutter installation is a complex process which might cause old paint to chip out. Before you hire a gutter replacement company, repaint your house so that it can have a new and fresh look. Besides, new and fresh paint will not be chipped out during gutter installation services.

3. Check for Water Damage

Checking for water damage around the house is perhaps the most important preparatory step in new gutter installation process. Checking for things like rotting soffits should be high up on your list of priorities. Extensive water damage such as mold growth should be repaired before hiring gutter installation services. If you hire local gutter installers before repairing water damaged areas, you will be forced to call a gutter repair company immediately.

4. Think about Drainage

You might not be willing to harvest rainwater, and the only use of gutters for you is directing rainwater away from your house. In such circumstances, you need to think about drainage before you call gutter installers near me. You can direct rainwater on the driveway or your garden. If you are not sure about your decision, you can consult a water engineer from the local authorities so that you can avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

5. Remove Old Gutters

Sometimes you might be having old gutters that are beyond repair. Replacing them with new gutters is the only way you will be able to deal with storm water. In most cases, removing old gutters can be dangerous, especially if you are not an experienced technician; hiring a professional gutter cleaning company will minimize chances of accidents and damages to the house.

6. Understand Building Codes

As a homeowner, you might know many things about gutter installation services but fail to understand local building laws. Thousands of homeowners find themselves on the wrong side of the law and are forced to replace gutters after failing to adhere to local building codes. So, when you are preparing to install new gutters, you must check the local building codes.

7. Hire Gutter Experts

It is one thing to replace old gutters, repaint the house, and understand the local building codes. However, installing gutters professionally is only done by people who have gutter installation and building knowledge. Therefore, you need to make sure that you hire gutter experts to handle your gutter installation services. Dealing with experienced gutter installation experts is very necessary because it eliminates any mistakes that might happen during the installation process.

Are you interested in harvesting rainwater for domestic use or directing it away from your residential property? Working with experienced gutter installation experts makes everything easier than what you could have anticipated.

Leaf Guard Installation

Leaf guards are the best way to protect your gutters from leaves and other debris, especially during this time of year. Leaf guards are a built-on barrier that attaches to your gutter and prevents leaves and debris from entering your gutters and downspouts. They also make gutter cleaning much easier, as most debris will sit on top of the leaf guards rather than inside the gutter. After our technicians clean and flush out your gutters to GutterMaid standards, the leaf guards are then installed as shown in the infographic below. GutterMaid offers 4 different types of leaf protection systems. You may find out more information about each of them here. Check out this before & after showing GutterMaid’s leaf guard installation process from start to finish, and contact us today for your free estimate!

Don’t Fall Behind!

Pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween decorations, cooler days and chilly nights. There is no doubt about it, the fall season is quickly approaching! Residents in Maryland and Northern Virginia get to experience the dramatic changes of climate throughout the year. The different seasons each bring their own unique atmosphere, and while we may look forward to some cooler temperatures, it is important to make sure your home is protected during this critical time of year.

Leaves will soon fall from the trees and if your home is under or around them, it is likely that your gutters will soon become clogged with leaves and debris. History tells us that in this area, leaves will begin to fall sometime in October and continue to fall through late December. We do not recommend waiting until December to have your gutters cleaned as your gutters will most likely become clogged in the first few weeks of fall. Many of our customers have several gutter cleanings performed throughout the fall season and/or have a leaf protection system installed.

Fall gutter cleaning service

Fall gutter cleaning service

Be prepared! If you are a homeowner in need of regular fall gutter cleanings, or are considering adding a leaf protection system, don’t wait until its too late! If you wait until you are having issues due to clogged gutters before scheduling your gutter cleaning service, you will find that in the fall months, all service providers will be extremely busy and it could take weeks until your gutter cleaning service is performed. Avoid the frustration by having a leaf protection system installed before the leaves begin to fall, and/or pre-scheduling your gutter cleanings so that your homes maintenance is first in line. We make it easy! With our advanced software we are able to offer out worry-free gutter cleaning service. You can schedule your week of service days, months, or even years in advance!

Choose quality gutter screens

We have seen countless times the frustration homeowners experience when abandoning a leaf protection system that has failed within a few short years. Whether its from the weight of debris or snow accumulation, or from the damaging effects from the sun and other elements, many of these inexpensive, store bought systems will fail, usually sooner than later.

Although some of the more advanced leaf protection systems can be expensive, gutter screens can be very effective, and installed at a reasonable price.  A quality gutter screen should be a metal, one piece design, and should be durable enough withstand  moderate weight from snow and debris accumulation.  As with all leaf protection systems some maintenance will be required. If maintenance is performed regularly, then removal of gutter screens to clean the gutters in not usually needed.

We took these pictures below at a recent gutter cleaning in Ellicott City MD. As you can see, the gutters had not been maintained or cleaned in a long period of time. Most store bought systems would have collapsed, bent, broken, or distorted, compromising the system and forcing the homeowner to abandon it altogether.  Since the homeowner had a quality, ridged leaf protection system installed, the gutter screens were completely unaffected by the long term neglect and debris accumulation. As you can see in the pictures, once the debris were removed the gutter screens look and function the same as the day they were installed!

Quality Leaf Protection

Quality Leaf Protection

Quality Leaf Protection

Quality Leaf Protection

Leaf Relief-Installation

Any leaf protection product is only as good as its installation. GutterMaid insures all products are installed per the manufactures specifications. This is key in order for the manufacturer to honor any warranty it may have, as well as ensuring the system performs at its very best.

Leaf Relief comes in several styles suited to fit your gutters size, style, and hanger type. There is even copper Leaf Relief for use on copper gutters. Be sure that you are getting the proper type for your gutters as they are not interchangeable.

  • We begin every leaf relief installation by cleaning and flushing all gutters and downspouts. It is very important to make sure gutters and downspouts are completely clean and functional before any leaf protection is installed.
  • We then make sure all gutters are secured firmly to fascia boards. If they are not we will re-secure them at no additional cost.
  • We then install the leaf protection system per manufactures specifications. Some manufactures do not require mechanically fastening the system, but we like to anyway to ensure the system stays in place.
  • In some cases we will water test  the system to ensure proper function.
  • Lastly we complete a thorough check and clean-up of the premises.

    Clean and clear gutters and downspouts

    Clean and clear gutters and downspouts

    Re-secure gutters

    Re-secure gutters

    Finished Leaf Relief Installation

    Finished Leaf Relief Installation

    Mechanically fasten at gutter, seams, and end caps

    Mechanically fasten at gutter, seams, and end caps

Will Your Leaf Protection Last?

Do your research and make sure you installing a leaf protection product that will last. All to often we run across leaf protection systems that are only a year or two old and have already failed. We recently performed this gutter cleaning service for a home in Ellicott City, Maryland. This homeowner thought he was saving money by purchasing and installing a popular, light-weight gutter screen that can be purchased at most hardware stores. What homeowners need to consider is the longevity of the leaf protection system they are purchasing. Gutter protection needs to be rigid enough to stand up to the weight of debris build up as well as snow accumulation. As you can see from the pictures below, this system has failed. The screens have collapsed into the gutters and actually trap debris that may have otherwise of passed through the system. The fact is that GutterMaid can actually install a much more rigid and durable system for the same cost as these cheap, light-weight products. So before you spend your hard earned money on an inferior product, call the experts at GutterMaid for your no obligation price quote. You will be glad you did!

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