Month: June 2020

How to Get Rid of Birds’ Nests in Your Gutters

How to Get Rid of Birds' Nests in Your Gutters

Rain gutters are among the most heavily exposed parts of your home. Weather, pests, and constant use affect their integrity. In fact, many animals make gutters their home, given the space and debris that enters it. Specifically, birds often nest in rain gutters for these reasons. Fortunately, here are some effective ways to get rid of birds’ nests in your gutters.

Gutter Guards

The greatest bird deterrent for your yard is a gutter guard. Gutter guards attach to rain gutters to prevent debris and pests from entering. This reduces clogs, cracks, or other issues from constant use. They also prevent birds from nesting. Aluminum guards click into place over your rain gutters with micro-mesh technology that blocks twigs, leaves, or other nesting materials from entering. Birds will fly away into new spots, leaving your gutters clean and nest-free.

Bird Repellent

Similarly, buy bird repellent to ward off these creatures. Like bug spray, bird repellents are chemical sprays or gels designed to disperse large flocks of birds. Many different repellents exist depending on the bird, with goose, pigeon, or other fowl in mind. Eco-repellents also exist and are water-based sprays to avoid harming the birds.

Bird Spikes

While it sounds extreme, bird spikes are perfectly legal and useful in dire situations. Any frustrated homeowner may consider them as a fail-safe last resort. Ultimately, bird spikes are long, needle-like rods that prevent birds from perching, roosting, defecating, or mating. Bird spikes are predominantly used for larger birds, like pigeons, seagulls, or crows, but they can be used for any other birds as well. Still, leaves and other debris can clog bird spikes. Place these horizontally on your gutters to prevent roosting.

Predator Decoys

Birds are simple creatures, meaning bird decoys are one of the best ways to get rid of birds’ nests in your gutters. These are life-sized models of common predators, like hawks and owls. Predator decoys are a humane non-lethal solution for deterring birds. Other deterrents, like holographic tape and scaring balloons, also exist. These products have been shown to work and will scare away any unwanted flying pests.

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The Advantages of Seamless Gutters

house gutters

There are many types of gutter systems available today. Some homeowners want the affordability and convenience of aluminum K-style gutters, while others want the luxury and high-quality of stainless steel. No matter what, one thing’s for certain—seamless gutters are worth the investment. Any homeowner should know what the advantages of seamless gutters are for their home or business. It might surprise you to see the low-maintenance, cost-saving benefits that come with them.


Primarily, seamless gutters require less maintenance than sectional gutters. They’re custom-fitted for each property to guarantee excellent performance. Since there are fewer joints, there is less maintenance required. Bugs, clogs, and debris do not build up as frequently, meaning less work on your end. Sectional gutters often have frequent blockages and improper water flowage, but their seamless counterparts eliminate these issues.

Strong and Resilient

Additionally, seamless gutters are stronger than sectional ones. They’re less likely to leak or cause backups. Sectioned gutters meet based on joints, which can lead to leakage problems. The joints can widen and form holes where rust can build. While this protects your gutters further, it also saves money overall. Your gutter installation, repair, and cleaning bills will decrease over time given the less amount of maintenance work needed to repair them.

Long-Lasting Design Appeal

Lastly, one advantage of seamless gutters not many homeowners consider is its lasting beauty appeal. Curb appeal ensures positivity among homeowners. It can help raise resale value and create admiration among neighbors, friends, and family. A seamless gutter system raises your curb appeal so that your home is stylish all year long. Given the versatility of the most common seamless gutter options—aluminum, copper, and steel—you can paint them however you please. Alternatively, you can use a baked-on enamel finish that protects your gutters and requires no further seal or paint.

When it comes to seamless gutters, we at Gutter Maid are the best in the business. As professional local gutter installers, we understand how to properly install, repair, and clean seamless gutters for your house, apartment, condominium, or business. Check out on our gutter services, and then fill out our online questionnaire for a free estimate.

Leaf Relief Installation | Columbia, Maryland


Check out this new Before & After on a recent Leaf Relief installation in Columbia, Maryland. Leaf protection will effectively reduce maintenance and keep gutters functional between cleaning services. We complete a thorough cleaning of your gutters and downspouts before every leaf protection installation, at no additional charge. Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate!

Seamless Gutter Install | Eldersburg, Maryland


We installed new seamless gutters on this shed for a customer of ours in Eldersburg, MD. This customer requested to have the downspouts mounted on the side of the shed, to give the front and rear of the shed a cleaner appearance.