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5 Great Ideas for Better Downspout Drainage

5 Great Ideas for Better Downspout Drainage

Although rain is inevitable, heavy water flow can damage your home’s foundation or basement. Therefore, you must find solutions to redirect water from your home. Keep reading to learn about five great ideas for better downspout drainage to prevent excess water from coming near your house.

How Long Should Gutters Last on a House?

How Long Should Gutters Last on a House?

Gutters are an important element of your home. They keep water away and prevent different types of water damage. However, you may wonder, how long should gutters last on a house? If you want to know the lifespan of your gutters, the importance of maintenance, or potential signs of damage, check out our guide today!

How To Prepare Your Gutters Before the Leaves Fall

How To Prepare Your Gutters Before the Leaves Fall

Fall foliage will clog your gutters in no time flat. The best way to keep this pesky debris from plugging up your water drainage system is to plan. Learn how to prepare your gutters before the leaves fall.

Start off Clean

The best way to prevent gutter damage and issues during the fall is by starting with a clean slate. Your gutters will collect dirt and debris at all times of the year. Instead of only cleaning once the leaves fall into your gutters, you should enter the season without any buildup. This way, any leaves that do fall into your gutters won’t add to the mess.

Install Leaf Protectors

If you want to go above and beyond simple pre-cleaning to full-on preparedness, you should install leaf protectors. These tools overlay your gutter openings, adding a grate between your concave gutter and the outside world.

When foliage falls toward your roof, it will land on the leaf protector instead of the gutter, making it easier to clear off. It will keep the gutter clear for operation. If you decide this is the ideal route for your autumn preparedness plan, our Gutter Maid team can help you install gutter leaf protection systems in no time.

Trim Nearby Trees

You can drastically decrease the autumnal impact on your gutters by trimming nearby trees. If you have very tall tree limbs, it’s time to say goodbye. The farther away they are from your gutters, the better. Trimming will maintain a cleaner gutter system than leaving your greenery unattended.

Knowing how to prepare your gutters before the leaves fall will keep rainfall flowing safely away from your home. Water drainage is vital to the safety and preservation of your property. Don’t let pesky leaves get in the way—contact us at Gutter Maid to set up a leaf protection system today.

For other Fall home maintenance tips, please click here.

Critters That May Be Living in Your Gutters

Critters That May Be Living in Your Gutters

The exterior of your home or apartment likely has a gutter system to funnel water away from the foundation. While this is an incredibly efficient system, there are ways that it can go wrong—namely, with animal gutter invaders. Here are the most common critters that may be living in your gutters.

Common Gutter Myths | Separating Fact From Fiction

Common Gutter Myths | Separating Fact From Fiction

You have all kinds of accoutrements and pieces in your home that don’t immediately make sense. Yet, everything from nonfunctional shutters to roof gutters serves a purpose. To address any misconceptions, here are common gutter myths: separating fact from fiction.

No Trees Means No Debris

Your gutters are an essential part of your home’s water drainage system. Yet, undue amounts of debris render them less effective. If you lack trees in your yard, you may think that no debris gets into your gutters. Though foliage is the main culprit of clogged gutters, it isn’t the only thing that can stop your water flow. Check your gutters regularly for debris and have a cleaning service wash out any chunks of dirt or ice in your gutters.

Gutters Don’t Work in Severe Storms

Many people think that gutters don’t work during severe storms. This is simply not true. Yes, gutters only operate at a maximum capacity and can become overrun with water. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t performing their essential duties. Gutters chiefly work to funnel water away from vulnerable places, such as your home’s foundation. When the sky rains heavily, water still flows through the usual channels even if a bit ends up spilling over the top. Your gutters still reduce the amount of water that pools in harmful spots.

You Don’t Need Maintenance if You Have Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are quite useful and reduce the number of problems with your gutters year-round. However, that doesn’t mean smaller items like small twigs, dirt, and other debris don’t make it past your protectors. You will need maintenance on your gutters, so check your system’s state from time to time. Without oversight and preparedness, you could have gutter issues even with guards in place.

These common gutter myths that separate fact from fiction can help you better assess your home’s exterior. If you need the help of a gutter installation service to address and fix any problems, contact our team at Gutter Maid today.

6″ Seamless Half Round Gutters | Gaithersburg, Maryland

Check out this recent project based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We installed brand new 6” half round seamless gutters that not only look aesthetically appealing, but now protect the building from structural damage caused by rain water and debris.

Oversized, Seamless Aluminum Gutter Replacement with Leaf Relief Gutter Guards | Silver Spring, Maryland

Here’s a look at a recent project in Silver Spring, Maryland. We installed new oversized, seamless gutters with Leaf Relief gutter guards. Leaf Relief gutter guards are an effective solution for a reasonable price. They are great for keeping out smaller debris, and are not restrictive to water flow as some other leaf protection systems can be.

Oversized, Seamless Aluminum Gutter Replacement | Frederick, Maryland

Clogged gutters and downspouts can be a big problem for homeowners. Gutters that are not properly flushed can lead to damage to your fascia and roofing. GutterMaid offers gutter flushing as one of their many gutter maintenance services. Check out these before and after photos of a customer in Gaithersburg, Maryland whose gutters are now fully functioning after a thorough cleaning and flush.