5 Downspout Drainage Ideas for Better Gutter Drain

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Although rain is inevitable, heavy water flow can damage your home’s foundation or basement. Therefore, you must find solutions to redirect water from your home. Keep reading to learn about five great ideas for better downspout drainage to prevent excess water from coming near your house.

1. Aluminum Extension

An aluminum extension is one of the most popular solutions for better downspout drainage and is definitely among the best gutter drainage ideas. It’s inexpensive and low maintenance.

An aluminum extension allows you to redirect rainwater from your gutters to move it further away from your house. You can install this extension within seconds, making it a “quick-fix” solution that many homeowners enjoy.

2. Splash Blocks

Splash blocks are rectangular blocks that disperse the water flowing from your downspouts. They can be decorative or basic in design, but they all keep water from seeping into the grass around your house. When you place a splash block near your downspout, make sure you point the open end away from your home to prevent water backups.

3. Gutter Guards

Another gutter drain idea for improving downspout drainage is to install gutter guards. They shield your gutters from large debris and prevent overflows of rainwater. As a result, they can reduce an overflowing drainage system that can damage your landscaping or redirect water toward your home.

However, without regular gutter cleaning, gutter guards still accumulate debris that damages your roof and gutters. Even the most expensive gutter guard systems eventually fail and still need to be cleaned regularly.

4. Roll-Out Drain Sleeves

A cool downspout drainage idea is a roll-out drain sleeve. This extension uncoils during heavy rain and disperses water from small holes, preventing excess water from quickly overflowing. Once the rain stops, the sleeves roll back up, similar to a balloon losing air. Though this is an innovative solution, the downside to drain sleeves is that if rainfall isn’t heavy enough, they may not extend and, on the contrary, prevent proper gutter drainage.

5. Rain Barrel

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution, you should consider rain barrels. They collect water from your gutters into a large tank, and you can use them to water plants and vegetable gardens or even wash your car! Not only will you prevent water from flowing near your home, but you can collect it and put it to good use.

After reading our five downspout drainage ideas, we hope you select one of these solutions! However, if you’re looking for gutter guards or services, such as gutter installation and replacement services, you should contact GutterMaid. We can help your home with quality gutter repair and replacement. If you have any questions, contact us today!