4 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Home and Your Bank Account

gutter replacementThere are so many aspects of homeownership that often go overlooked, but it’s these little tasks that actually save you from major problems. Neglecting even the smallest part of home maintenance can end up costing you a significant amount of money on repair expenses and could severely damage your home’s structure.

That’s why it’s essential to only practice good habits when it comes to home and property ownership.

Here are some bad habits that can ruin not only your bank account but your home’s look and feel as well:

  • Not cleaning your gutters — Gutter cleaning should be done at least two times a year, and that’s only cleaning out the small debris that builds up. If your gutters are in need of major cleaning, it’s best to give professional gutter cleaning services a call.
  • Neglecting gutter replacement needs — If you have neglected your gutter cleaning needs, you may end up relying on gutter replacement services. You can’t just leave damaged or old gutters atop your roof for an extended period of time because they will continue to cause problems. An inch of summer rainfall can result in nearly 1,500 gallons of water breaking down your gutters. Don’t wait, replace your gutters as soon as they become compromised.
  • Letting trees overgrow — It might not sound like it should be very high up on the priority list, but forgetting to trim your trees can lead to some big problems. Make sure you’re pruning your trees at least once every year or two in order to keep branches and tree limbs away from your house. Also, if any trees are growing underneath power lines, it’s even more imperative to keep them trimmed.
  • Not changing batteries in smoke detectors — Sadly, according to the National Fire Protection Association, one in every five household fire fatalities can be attributed to malfunctioning smoke alarms. In order to keep your property and your family safe, you need to make sure you’re changing your smoke detectors’ batteries every few months.

Make sure you’re taking excellent care of just about every aspect of your house and your property in order to avoid major financial troubles. If you’re in need of gutter replacement, gutter installation services, or just want to speak with a trusted gutter cleaning company, give Gutter Maid a call right away.