A Guide To Fall Gutter Maintenance

A Guide To Fall Gutter Maintenance

With fall comes a slew of home preparations for colder temperatures and falling leaves. Though it may be tiresome to rake your leaves during autumn, the task is a necessity, and it’s equally important to clean out your gutters as well. Here is a guide to fall gutter maintenance.

Safety First

The first thing to consider about gutter maintenance is your personal safety. It is no small thing to climb high up and attend to your gutters. In order to safely get up to your roof, use a ladder. But be careful if you see any moisture because the steps on your ladder may become slippery. Wear long-sleeved shirts you do not mind getting dirty since the debris that builds in your gutters may messy.

Remove Fall Foliage

Before you ascend your ladder, be sure to start at the downspout. Working your way up from the downspout ensures that no further leaves or debris will fall down the longer piping. Remove as many leaves as you can, including the wet and packed bits at the bottom.

Check for Water Leaks

The most important step involved in gutter maintenance is keeping an eye out for damage to the system itself. Spray water down the cleaned gutters to check for water leaks. If you do see a problem or a leak, note this so you can address it later. Also, check for cracks in the wall or roof your gutter is adjacent to. In times of heavy rain or snowmelt, overflowing gutters can spill onto your roof or walls, causing any previous cracks to let water in.

A guide to fall gutter maintenance can be helpful only if you use it. When you are working to clean and maintain your exterior hardware, look for any damage needing later attention. If you have any questions or need gutter repair and installation services, contact one of our team members here at Gutter Maid.