What Factors Determine How Much Your Gutter Cleaning Company Will Charge You

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Nobody wants to break out the ladder and gloves to clean out the gutters themselves, even though clogged gutters are the leading cause of water problems in basements. It can generally be dangerous, especially if the conditions aren’t favorable.

So many people land on the decision to hire gutter cleaning services. Those who don’t come to that decision are often convinced that the cost of hiring a professional gutter cleaning company would be outrageous and that the potential hospital bills from doing it themselves would be much less.

Professional gutter cleaning will almost always cost significantly less. In order to estimate what it might cost you, you have to consider these factors.

Height of the House

Typically, the shorter the house the more cost effective the gutter cleaning will be. Unless the company offers a fixed rate, the cost will usually increase in sync with the number of floors. The higher the home, the higher the risk factor involved for the cleaning company, and they often charge to match the danger. And depending on the house, they might need special equipment to reach the gutters as well.

Size of the Gutters

Basically, the bigger your house (and therefore gutter square footage, or linear feet), the more the cleaning company will charge. However, the bigger your house, the more work you’ll have to do if you decide to do it yourself.

Condition of the Gutters

If your gutters haven’t been cleaned out since they were installed in 2002, then chances are they’re pretty backed up. Gutters that are filled with a lot of debris will often cost more because they will take more time to clean.


If you want your cleaning company to do extras, like a leaf guard installation or hardware inspection, then that will cost more as well.

Low cost gutter cleaning is attainable with relative ease, but you shouldn’t expect the company to tackle a large or inherently dangerous job for the same price as a one-story ranch home. The more you have to get done, the more you need a professional gutter cleaning service.

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