Factors That Determine Gutter Cleaning Prices

Factors That Determine Gutter Cleaning Prices

Gutter cleaning is an essential service, unbeknownst to many people. Neglected gutters can lead to leaks and water pooling that damage a building’s roof, siding, and foundation. While it’s not the most complex home repair, there are many factors that determine gutter cleaning prices that you should know about.

Type of Building

One main factor is the type of building. Residences and commercial buildings require different gutter systems. Commercial properties typically have longer, more complex systems to cover more areas. As such, they require more extensive cleaning than the gutters for residential homes, which cover more condensed spaces. Still, commercial buildings may have cheaper cleaning charges due to special discounts and coverage fees. Even the type of residence could affect cleaning prices. Townhomes, single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, and condominiums each have their own respective prices to account for.


Another factor is the gutters’ condition. Properly maintained gutters require less attention and cleaning than neglected ones. Better maintained gutter systems typically lack some of the detritus and weather damage that leads to clogs. However, when homeowners neglect their gutters, their systems can overflow, clog, and break. Each of these issues requires repairs to the gutters and can damage the siding, foundation, and roof of a home, leading to higher repair costs than expected.

Time of Year

As with any home project, there are ideal seasons for cleaning gutters. Unless you live in an area that is warm year-round, winter is a horrible time to clean your rain gutters. Times that make it more difficult, like after heavy rains or during early spring when systems are still thawing, could make gutter cleaning prices higher than other times. Still, some companies offer seasonal discounts that help you save more money. Talk with your gutter cleaning company for the best seasonal discounts available to match your budget.


Of course, you can opt for additional services other than cleaning. While they might add a higher initial cost, they can save you more in the future. For example, gutter screens or guards protect against debris and clogging. This will save on maintenance and repair costs you would otherwise have to pay. Also, gutter repair services could fix any leaks and seams in your system. You may as well have them perform the full service for your rain gutters, rather than a simple cleaning.

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