How Gutters Improve Your Home’s Value

How Gutters Improve Your Home’s Value

Part of being a homeowner is knowing that, one day, you might move. In that case, it’s best to ensure your home’s resale value is as high as possible for the best return on investment. While there are many opportunities to improve your home’s interior, remember to improve your exterior as well. Curb appeal is one of the biggest boosts to market price, and one of the most ignored factors is your gutters. As a homeowner, you should know how gutters improve your home’s value, so you can increase your market value and get the best deal possible.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is your home’s aesthetic attractiveness from a street-view. It increases with exterior improvements, such as exterior decorations, re-painting, and frequent landscaping. The most important part to curb appeal is that it’s a huge financial incentive for home buyers. A good curb appeal greatly increases residential value. When it comes to new gutters, these will boost your curb appeal, too. New gutters are an attractive addition to your roofs, and they highlight shingles, windows, and siding.


Additionally, rain gutters are fully customizable. They can be made from various materials, such as stainless steel, copper, or concrete, that will match any roof, siding, or exterior paint. They are available in three shapes: L-style, round, and square.

Homeowners can further protect their gutters with gutter guards. Also called gutter covers or gutter protectors, these prevent damage from clogging and reduce the need for regular maintenance. There are four main types of gutter guards available: brush, foam, surface tension, and screen. Brush guards are effective at preventing large debris, but not smaller debris. Foam guards are easy to install and effective against large objects from preventing water flow, but they are vulnerable to algae and plant growth. Surface tension guards narrow the gutter opening which reduces clogging, but they are unattractive and difficult to maintain. Screen guards are the most common gutter guards used today and are a metal or plastic micromesh design to protect against large or small debris.

Roof Protection

Gutters also add home value because they provide proper protection against weather and climate conditions. Rain gutters are designed to carry rainwater from your roof to the ground. However, it also protects against snow, ice, wind, and other conditions. This mainly protects your roof and siding from water and weather damage. You can also install a gutter heater to protect against snow or ice dams. During the winter, as temperatures drop, snow and ice accumulate—creating what’s known as an ice dam—and weigh down your gutter, exposing your siding to potential external damages. A heat cable melts the ice and keeps downspouts clear for runoff.

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