How to Keep Birds Out of Gutters and Keep it that Way

birds in gutters

Spring has officially sprung and that means the comeback of our favorite rooftop guests: birds.

While you want birds to have a safe place to raise their offspring, your gutters aren’t the best option. Bird nests can actually cause a slew of problems if left alone, but taking them down can be another challenge. So how to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places? How to keep birds out of gutters?

The gutter pros show you how to keep birds away from your gutters with a few simple tips.

Why bird nests are bad for your gutters

Before we get to the ways we can prevent birds from roosting in your gutters, it’s important to touch on why birds are bad for them in the first place.

The most obvious reason is the possibility of the bird’s nest clogging your gutter. Though it’s unlikely that a single nest will clog your spout, the accumulation of a few nests can lead to some preventable issues.

Not only can these nests lead to overflow that damages your lawn, the increased weight from the water can cause sagging at a much quicker rate, and even cause gutters to fall from the house. This can result in necessary gutter replacements.

After a nesting incident, be sure to look up gutter installation services and their reviews to ensure a quality, reliable gutter replacement.

Safe bird nest removal

Do it sooner than later. Some birds can get quite territorial if there are eggs or young offspring present, so the smartest course of action is to wait until nesting season is over. Ensuring your safety is the most important thing when removing a bird’s nest.

Though bird nests seem fairly easy to remove, there are a few precautions to take to remove it safely and without risking getting diseases or bacteria.

Additionally, look up any bird protection laws in your area before attempting to remove it. If the bird and its nest are protected, you could be hit with a fairly heavy fine for its removal.

If you do attempt to do it yourself, make sure you have a ladder and spotter so you don’t fall. In addition, wear protective eyewear and long-sleeved clothing — birds and their feces carry diseases on their claws, beaks, and nests.

If the nest is old, there might be other animals or bugs living inside that still require precaution. Once the nest is removed, clean it with a disinfectant to stop diseases and bacteria from spreading.

If you have never done it before and you’re not sure who to call for bird nest removal, consider calling animal control or a gutter cleaning company before you try to do it yourself.

If a gutter replacement is necessary following a nest removal, consider calling gutter installation services for a consultation.

How to keep birds out of gutters

There are a few great ways to prevent birds from nesting in your gutters.

1. Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

bird spikes

Many use stainless steel bird spikes to deter birds from perching, while others prefer gutter spikes to prevent birds from landing on gutter edges.

2. Visual deterrents

homemade bird repellent using reflective CDs

You can also try using visual deterrents that act like an alarm, such as foil tapes that create noise and reflect light. Using a combination of these options is also a great idea if you have a significant bird issue in your area.

By placing such reflective elements around the areas you notice nests, you can effectively prevent birds nesting in gutters.

3. Clean your gutters regularly

Leaves Left in Gutters Can Eventually Damage Your Roof

Finally, you should also clean your gutters regularly of any debris or build-up at least twice a year to keep birds out of gutters.

Consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning company or contact other gutter installation services to discuss your options.