What is a Drip Edge?

Drip edge is an L shaped piece of metal that is installed at the edge (eave) of your roof. It should extend from the roof decking down into your gutters. Its purpose is to direct water away from your fascia and rake boards, and into your gutters where applicable. It can also help prevent water damage due to ice damming during the winter months.

Unfortunately, roofs are often installed without a drip edge or the gutters are installed over top of the drip edge, rendering it useless.  Water that finds its way behind your gutters will eventually damage your fascia, rafter ends, soffit, etc., and can lead to thousands of dollars in damages.

Does your roof have a properly installed drip edge? There are signs that may indicate missing or improperly installed drip edge that you can look for without having to go up on your roof. When it rains, look for water that comes down in-between your gutters and your fascia. Often times you will see streaking or staining on your fascia just below your gutters, and sometimes you can even see small debris that has worked its way behind your gutters. If you see any of these signs, we recommend that you call a roofer to evaluate your roof and give you an estimate to install a drip edge if needed. Ask to see pictures so you can get a full understanding of whats going on with your roof.

Catching an issue early such as this will save you a lot of money in the long run. GutterMaid trains our employees to look for these types of issues and report back any noted problems as a courtesy to our customers.

Drip Edge

Drip Edge