The Different Types of Gutter Systems

The Basic Types of Gutter Systems

There are different types of rain gutters made from various materials and styles. Every homeowner should know the basic types of gutter systems to have the best rain gutters for their home. The materials, styles, and types all matter when it comes to proper gutter installation and maintenance.

Different Gutter Styles

Rain gutters are mainly offered in three styles: K-style, fascia, and half-round.

K-Style Gutters

k style gutters

K-style gutters are the most popular style used today. They are named K-style due to it being the most common of the twelve gutter types identified A to L. This type of gutter has a crown molding, making them structurally strong.

Fascia Gutters

fascia gutters

Another gutter style is fascia. This shape is tall and narrow, encompassing the siding’s height. They can be difficult to clean due to their length.

Half-Round Gutters

How Gutters Improve Your Home’s Value

The final common gutter style is the half-round shape. These have U shaped look and extend past the fascia and the K-style. However, this style doesn’t hold as much water as the K-style. Also, half-round gutters are weaker than other styles, and debris can cause it to overflow.


Clean new gutters

Rain gutters are made of many materials, but the most common are vinyl, aluminum, steel, copper, and wood.

Vinyl and aluminum gutters are the most common materials used. They are cost-efficient and easily installed, and they don’t rust or corrode. Their functionality in most climates makes them an ideal choice anywhere.

It’s important to know that vinyl gutters do crack in extreme cold, and poor installation can cause sagging. On the other hand, aluminum gutters can withstand all weather conditions but are relatively weak, as they can dent and misshapen.

Steel and copper gutters are sturdier than others, withstanding branches and weather conditions, but they can rust. Stainless steel gutters are just as sturdy and will never rust, but these are the most expensive on the market.

Lastly, wood gutters are another costly addition, but they provide a natural aesthetic to a home’s exterior. While these have fallen out of style, wood gutters are still available and can last a while if properly maintained.

Seamless or Sectional

The Difference Between Seamless and Regular Gutters

Something to keep in mind with gutter maintenance is its type. This is offered two ways: seamless and sectional.

Most materials come in sections fastened together (sectional), but aluminum comes in one long strip (seamless). While sectional gutters are the most common type, they are at risk for falling apart from seasonal wear. Seamless gutters do not face this risk, but they are costlier.

Whichever gutter type you choose, call us at Gutter Maid for the best gutter installation service. Our gutter installation and repair ensures the best quality gutter system for your home. Contact us to learn more about the different types of gutters.