The Best Ways To Prevent Rust in Your Gutters

The Best Ways To Prevent Rust in Your Gutters

If you’ve had your current gutters for several years now, you’re probably no stranger to rust or corrosion. Though gutters are durable, they’re susceptible to oxidation. This results in the inevitable formation of rust and the deterioration of gutter performance. Fortunately, you can stave off this occurrence and keep your gutters in good condition for much longer. Here are a few of the best ways to prevent rust in your gutters.

Perform Regular Repairs

First, make sure you keep up with regular gutter repairs and service. When gutters sustain damage, the areas in question become weakened. This exposes the metal to the open air and increases the rate at which oxidation takes place. Inspect your gutters regularly and immediately fix any components that aren’t up to par.

Check Your Gutter Drainage

You can also decrease your risk of corrosion by ensuring that your gutter system drains properly. Sometimes, excess water from storms or grime from past debris can sit in your gutters’ downspouts. These materials slowly wear away at the piping and make them more likely to rust as the parts age. To test your gutters’ slope, simply pour water into them and have someone indicate whether it drains along the ground.

Apply a Sealant Product

Applying a specialized sealant to your gutters can help, too. Quality rubber sealants form a protective barrier between the metal and water. Sealants are very effective at preventing the formation of rust and maintaining the stability of your system’s seams. These formulas can help increase your gutters’ drainage ability and reduce the risk of blockages.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

The most effective way to prevent rust in your gutters is to keep them as clean as possible. The more debris you leave in your gutters, the more damage your gutters will suffer. Regularly clearing them of debris or hiring someone to do it for you is a crucial part of making them last.

By the time your gutter system starts to rust, you’re already well on your way to having to replace them. Contact a gutter contractor to help you stop corrosion in its tracks. At Gutter Maid, we go the extra mile to ensure that every gutter we work on is clean and ready for anything. Our gutter cleaning services in Maryland purge your gutters of anything that can damage them. Contact us today.