The Difference Between Seamless and Regular Gutters

The Difference Between Seamless and Regular Gutters

Gutter professionals don’t craft each gutter the same way. While some pieces may differ in color and appearance, there is an even more fundamental variation in gutter structure. This distinguishing factor is the presence of gutter seams. Seams are the connecting areas between two pieces. For example, your jeans have seams where threads sewn through two parts of a pant leg hold the entire clothing item together. A similar concept exists with some gutters. Here’s the difference between seamless and regular gutters.

Seamless Gutters

As the name implies, seamless gutters wrap around your home without visible seams. From the very beginning, gutter professionals will shape and cut seamless gutters in long pieces that they install on your roof. So, when water collects in your gutters, there are no gaps where it can fall through. Instead, water must continue down the drainage system or overflow past the sides.

Regular Gutters

Regular gutters are simple to install and quicker to create because they come in pre-cut sections. Gutter installers have sets ready to connect and seal as they build the gutters around your home. While there are seams in them, trained professionals can easily caulk and bind the gaps to avoid leakage.

The Key Differences

The most significant difference between seamless and regular gutters lies in the construction. Seamless gutters utilize one long piece, while regular gutters use many short segments. Additionally, regular gutters require sealing at every juncture to prevent leaking, and the seams will wear over time. Seamless gutters lack these junctures. As a result, they require less maintenance in the long run. The only hiccup with seamless gutters comes when damage occurs. Cracked or sagging seamless gutters require that you repair or replace the entire gutter length rather than a small removable section.

Knowing the difference between seamless and regular gutters helps homeowners make the best decision for their water drainage system. There are many factors to consider, but once you select a gutter style, contact Gutter Maid. Our gutter installation professionals are ready and able to put your brand new gutters in place.