How To Prepare Your Gutters Before the Leaves Fall

How To Prepare Your Gutters Before the Leaves Fall

Fall foliage will clog your gutters in no time flat. The best way to keep this pesky debris from plugging up your water drainage system is to plan. Learn how to prepare your gutters before the leaves fall.

Start off Clean

The best way to prevent gutter damage and issues during the fall is by starting with a clean slate. Your gutters will collect dirt and debris at all times of the year. Instead of only cleaning once the leaves fall into your gutters, you should enter the season without any buildup. This way, any leaves that do fall into your gutters won’t add to the mess.

Install Leaf Protectors

If you want to go above and beyond simple pre-cleaning to full-on preparedness, you should install leaf protectors. These tools overlay your gutter openings, adding a grate between your concave gutter and the outside world.

When foliage falls toward your roof, it will land on the leaf protector instead of the gutter, making it easier to clear off. It will keep the gutter clear for operation. If you decide this is the ideal route for your autumn preparedness plan, our Gutter Maid team can help you install gutter leaf protection systems in no time.

Trim Nearby Trees

You can drastically decrease the autumnal impact on your gutters by trimming nearby trees. If you have very tall tree limbs, it’s time to say goodbye. The farther away they are from your gutters, the better. Trimming will maintain a cleaner gutter system than leaving your greenery unattended.

Knowing how to prepare your gutters before the leaves fall will keep rainfall flowing safely away from your home. Water drainage is vital to the safety and preservation of your property. Don’t let pesky leaves get in the way—contact us at Gutter Maid to set up a leaf protection system today.

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