Factors That Determine Gutter Cleaning Prices

Factors That Determine Gutter Cleaning Prices

Gutter cleaning is an essential service, unbeknownst to many people. Neglected gutters can lead to leaks and water pooling that damage a building’s roof, siding, and foundation. While it’s not the most complex home repair, there are many factors that determine gutter cleaning prices that you should know about.

Type of Building

One main factor is the type of building. Residences and commercial buildings require different gutter systems. Commercial properties typically have longer, more complex systems to cover more areas. As such, they require more extensive cleaning than the gutters for residential homes, which cover more condensed spaces. Still, commercial buildings may have cheaper cleaning charges due to special discounts and coverage fees. Even the type of residence could affect cleaning prices. Townhomes, single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, and condominiums each have their own respective prices to account for.


Another factor is the gutters’ condition. Properly maintained gutters require less attention and cleaning than neglected ones. Better maintained gutter systems typically lack some of the detritus and weather damage that leads to clogs. However, when homeowners neglect their gutters, their systems can overflow, clog, and break. Each of these issues requires repairs to the gutters and can damage the siding, foundation, and roof of a home, leading to higher repair costs than expected.

Time of Year

As with any home project, there are ideal seasons for cleaning gutters. Unless you live in an area that is warm year-round, winter is a horrible time to clean your rain gutters. Times that make it more difficult, like after heavy rains or during early spring when systems are still thawing, could make gutter cleaning prices higher than other times. Still, some companies offer seasonal discounts that help you save more money. Talk with your gutter cleaning company for the best seasonal discounts available to match your budget.


Of course, you can opt for additional services other than cleaning. While they might add a higher initial cost, they can save you more in the future. For example, gutter screens or guards protect against debris and clogging. This will save on maintenance and repair costs you would otherwise have to pay. Also, gutter repair services could fix any leaks and seams in your system. You may as well have them perform the full service for your rain gutters, rather than a simple cleaning.

We at Gutter Maid offer complete gutter repair and cleaning services at a reasonable price. We offer gutter cleaning in Maryland from our experienced team of cleaning professionals. With the right tools and skills, we can clean your gutters and downspouts, remove debris, clear your roof, fix loose gutter spikes, and, for an additional charge, flush your gutters with water and fix damaged pipe collars. Whether you live in a duplex, family home, or condo, we cater to every type of home and commercial building.

GutterMaid Minute Instructional Video: Re-securing Loose Gutters

How to fix loose gutters

Here’s the first featured video from our GutterMaid Minute instructional series: Loose Gutters. Over time, the weight of debris, snow, or even simple wear and tear can cause your gutters to become loose and unhinged. It is important to keep gutters remaining securely fastened to your fascia boards to ensure they are not only effective but also safe for homeowners.

How to Get Rid of Birds’ Nests in Your Gutters

How to Get Rid of Birds' Nests in Your Gutters

Rain gutters are among the most heavily exposed parts of your home. Weather, pests, and constant use affect their integrity. In fact, many animals make gutters their home, given the space and debris that enters it. Specifically, birds often nest in rain gutters for these reasons. Fortunately, here are some effective ways to get rid of birds’ nests in your gutters.

Gutter Guards

The greatest bird deterrent for your yard is a gutter guard. Gutter guards attach to rain gutters to prevent debris and pests from entering. This reduces clogs, cracks, or other issues from constant use. They also prevent birds from nesting. Aluminum guards click into place over your rain gutters with micro-mesh technology that blocks twigs, leaves, or other nesting materials from entering. Birds will fly away into new spots, leaving your gutters clean and nest-free.

Bird Repellent

Similarly, buy bird repellent to ward off these creatures. Like bug spray, bird repellents are chemical sprays or gels designed to disperse large flocks of birds. Many different repellents exist depending on the bird, with goose, pigeon, or other fowl in mind. Eco-repellents also exist and are water-based sprays to avoid harming the birds.

Bird Spikes

While it sounds extreme, bird spikes are perfectly legal and useful in dire situations. Any frustrated homeowner may consider them as a fail-safe last resort. Ultimately, bird spikes are long, needle-like rods that prevent birds from perching, roosting, defecating, or mating. Bird spikes are predominantly used for larger birds, like pigeons, seagulls, or crows, but they can be used for any other birds as well. Still, leaves and other debris can clog bird spikes. Place these horizontally on your gutters to prevent roosting.

Predator Decoys

Birds are simple creatures, meaning bird decoys are one of the best ways to get rid of birds’ nests in your gutters. These are life-sized models of common predators, like hawks and owls. Predator decoys are a humane non-lethal solution for deterring birds. Other deterrents, like holographic tape and scaring balloons, also exist. These products have been shown to work and will scare away any unwanted flying pests.

If you’re uncomfortable installing gutter guards or are unfamiliar with the options available, call us at Gutter Maid. We offer premium gutter installation in Ellicott City, Maryland, at a reasonable cost. With our professional expertise, we’ll properly install your gutters and recommend the right gutter guard. We’ll also ensure optimum cleanliness with our cleaning services. Stop waiting and call us today for an in-house check-in.

The Advantages of Seamless Gutters

house gutters

There are many types of gutter systems available today. Some homeowners want the affordability and convenience of aluminum K-style gutters, while others want the luxury and high-quality of stainless steel. No matter what, one thing’s for certain—seamless gutters are worth the investment. Any homeowner should know what the advantages of seamless gutters are for their home or business. It might surprise you to see the low-maintenance, cost-saving benefits that come with them.


Primarily, seamless gutters require less maintenance than sectional gutters. They’re custom-fitted for each property to guarantee excellent performance. Since there are fewer joints, there is less maintenance required. Bugs, clogs, and debris do not build up as frequently, meaning less work on your end. Sectional gutters often have frequent blockages and improper water flowage, but their seamless counterparts eliminate these issues.

Strong and Resilient

Additionally, seamless gutters are stronger than sectional ones. They’re less likely to leak or cause backups. Sectioned gutters meet based on joints, which can lead to leakage problems. The joints can widen and form holes where rust can build. While this protects your gutters further, it also saves money overall. Your gutter installation, repair, and cleaning bills will decrease over time given the less amount of maintenance work needed to repair them.

Long-Lasting Design Appeal

Lastly, one advantage of seamless gutters not many homeowners consider is its lasting beauty appeal. Curb appeal ensures positivity among homeowners. It can help raise resale value and create admiration among neighbors, friends, and family. A seamless gutter system raises your curb appeal so that your home is stylish all year long. Given the versatility of the most common seamless gutter options—aluminum, copper, and steel—you can paint them however you please. Alternatively, you can use a baked-on enamel finish that protects your gutters and requires no further seal or paint.

When it comes to seamless gutters, we at Gutter Maid are the best in the business. As professional local gutter installers, we understand how to properly install, repair, and clean seamless gutters for your house, apartment, condominium, or business. Check out on our gutter services, and then fill out our online questionnaire for a free estimate.

Leaf Relief Installation | Columbia, Maryland


Check out this new Before & After on a recent Leaf Relief installation in Columbia, Maryland. Leaf protection will effectively reduce maintenance and keep gutters functional between cleaning services. We complete a thorough cleaning of your gutters and downspouts before every leaf protection installation, at no additional charge. Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate!

Warning Signs You Need New Gutters

Warning Signs You Need New Gutters

Homes aren’t perfect—especially their exteriors, which face the most wear and tear from outside elements such as weather, dirt, and debris. One particularly sensitive part of your home’s exterior is your gutters. Look out for any of these warning signs that you need new gutters to avoid serious structural, financial, and health-related issues.


Cracks are the most obvious signs you need to replace your gutters. Even small cracks can seriously affect your gutter systems, causing water leakage and roof damage. They can also break off under too much stress. Your fascia, shingles, and even home foundation can sustain damage, potentially leading to a greater burden. Not to mention, continual water leakage can lead to mold growth in your home and risk health issues.

Pools of Water

Pools of water can damage your roof, too. When water collects, it can weaken the wood in your attic, causing holes or other issues in severe weather. Your gutters also serve to dispel rainwater from collecting on the roof, preventing clogged, misaligned, or broken gutters or downspouts.

Sagging Gutters

Sagging is another similar warning sign that you need new gutters. If the gutters sag or begin to pull away from the house, there are clear issues at play. It’s evident that the gutters have collected water and that the weight is causing them to sag. If left untreated, your gutters can completely break off. Along with the obvious financial strain, rainwater and snow will collect on your roof and siding rather than moving down the gutters, possibly causing further structural issues.

Mildew and Mold

Finally, you cannot ignore mildew and mold. They often have pungent odors and odd colors, so you’ll be able to see it on your siding or under your gutters. Mold and mildew pose health risks; they can cause throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing, wheezing, and skin and eye irritation. Some people are even allergic to these substances, which can have further consequences.

If you experience these issues at any time, call us at Gutter Maid. As one of the best gutter installation companies in Frederick, Maryland, we know how to safely and responsibly install, repair, and clean your gutters. You’ll avoid even the worse gutter-related issues with our services. Give us a call for a consultation, or fill out our online questionnaire.

Tips for Maintaining Your Gutters This Summer

Tips for Maintaining Your Gutters This Summer

Warm weather, sunshine, and children playing outside are all signs of the summer season. Many people enjoy the comfort and leisure of outdoor activities too. However, summer is also a time for leaves, animals, bugs, pollens, and other natural debris that can trigger allergies. Even more, this debris can collect in your gutters and clog them. Fortunately, these tips for maintaining your gutters this summer will help you avoid any issues with your rainwater drainage system.

Make Regular Inspections

While the warm air and sunny climate welcome you to summer’s beauty, it’s important not to forget your gutters. As one of the most exposed parts of your home, it’s important to keep regular maintenance on them throughout these months. The best way to do this is through weekly inspections. This way, you can detect any wear, uneven areas, loose brackets, or leaks. Assess these issues and fix the ones you can. Any serious issues may require a professional.

Use Gutter Guards

One simple way to protect your gutters from debris is to install gutter guards. Gutter guards are pieces you can attach to the gutter that block outside material. There are many gutter guards to choose from, like mesh, reverse curve, and screen. Mesh guards have small slots that allow water to run through and stop block twigs or other debris. Reverse curve guards use a unique design in which water does not pass through but rather flows over the top and around a downward curve. Debris slide off the edge and fall to the ground. Lastly, screen guards are like mesh guards but come at a cheaper price point.

Be Careful

Anyone who decides to repair their own gutters must be careful. You should always wear gloves whenever cleaning out your gutters, since you don’t know what type of debris collects there. You must also make sure your ladder is secure. People often sustain injuries from home improvement projects. While it might not seem like the most dangerous chore, gutter cleaning or repair can cause serious injury if you’re not careful. Not to mention, there’s a risk that you can damage your gutter systems if don’t know about proper maintenance techniques.

Hire a Professional

Another tip to maintain your gutters in the summer is to hire a professional gutter cleaning service. They understand how to properly inspect, clean, repair, and install your gutters through fail-safe skills. Your professional gutter service can recommend and install the right gutter guard for you. With their knowledge and expertise, professional gutter services address your gutters and downspouts in a way that guarantees little-to-no further issues.

Any homeowner who needs their gutters cleaned, repaired, or installed should call us at Gutter Maid. As a gutter installation contractor, we understand the importance of a properly maintained home drainage system. We have the experience to fix any apartment, condo, or home. Contact us today to get started.

Top Reasons You Should Hire a Pro to Install Gutters

Top Reasons You Should Hire a Pro to Install Gutters

Anyone can complete tasks such as taking out the garbage, cleaning the dishes, or walking their dogs, but professionals must complete more complex jobs. This might include car repairs or large projects such as a kitchen remodel or gutter repair. In fact, there are several top reasons you should hire a pro to install gutters—it will save you time and money and help you avoid any unnecessary mistakes in the process.

They’re Experienced

Gutter installers are professionals, meaning they’re knowledgeable and skilled in their duties. This might seem obvious, but for a home feature such as your gutters, this detail is incredibly important. Professional gutter installers understand how to clean, repair, and install gutters and downspouts around your property, with the best installation methods and tools at their disposal. Not to mention, they can recommend different gutter materials, styles, and gutter protection to provide the best gutter system for your home.

It’s Time- and Cost-Efficient

When you hire a professional, you save much-needed time and money that you’d otherwise waste trying to install your gutters yourself. You don’t want to make any mistakes that could ruin your gutters. Otherwise, you risk spending more time and money on fixing these issues than you would save if you hired a professional. With a pro, you won’t waste hours, days, weeks, or longer on a DIY home improvement project that demands time and attention. Professional gutter installers know how to perform the task on time, and they’ll save you money on materials such as downspouts, clips, and guards.

You Avoid Serious Mistakes

Your gutters do more than just transfer rainwater to the ground: they also protect your roof and siding from water or weather damage. In other words, it’s important to install your gutters properly so that they can effectively do this. Clogged or misaligned gutters can cause water damage to your foundation, siding, and roof, which can in turn cause these areas to rot and grow mold. This may damage your home and your health. Avoid all of this and simply call a professional gutter installation service to save you from these serious issues.

Fortunately, Gutter Maid provides premium gutter installation in Ellicot City, Maryland. We offer affordable prices to provide hands-on debris removal and gutter repair. We can also flush out your gutters or repair damaged pipe collars. Fill out our online questionnaire to schedule your gutter cleaning service today!

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Gutters

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Gutters

Your gutters are an important part of your home. Regardless of what some might think, there is a lot that goes into a well-designed gutter system. Anyone looking to renovate their gutters or have them professionally installed must know these key factors to consider when choosing the right gutters. From the material to the maintenance, these determine the proper gutter system for each homeowner.

5 Most Common DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes

Most Common DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes

Many homeowners take great pride in their residences, and they want to be in control of every project or renovation. Amateurs can complete some home projects on their own, but only a professional should complete certain types of projects—including gutter installation.

Below you’ll find some of the most common DIY gutter installation mistakes people make. Take note of these before you attempt this type of project—or better yet, call a professional to handle it.

1. Choosing the Wrong Gutter Type

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their DIY gutter installation is choosing the incorrect type of gutters. Size of the home and the regional rainfall impact which type of gutter you should use.

Seamless gutters are usually the best choice of gutters, especially for Maryland residents who experience varying levels of rainfall and weather conditions.

It’s important to decide between half-round gutters, K-style gutters, and fascia gutters. Each of these styles can use different materials, depending on your budget and preference. These materials include aluminum, copper, zinc, or even vinyl.

You can also pick between sectional and seamless gutters. Sectional gutters are cheaper, but misplacing the seams can cause more issues in the future.

2. Choosing the Wrong Gutter Size

Another common issue many homeowners experience leading to incorrect gutter installation is choosing the wrong size. The gutter size will depend on the amount of rainfall your area receives and the layout of the home.

The steeper the roof pitch, the more rainwater will collect.

Don’t forget about snow and ice: cold climates risk ice dams building up in the gutter systems. This may require heat cables to melt any ice that blocks the gutters or downspouts.

3. Incorrect Gutter Hanger Placement

Some people make the mistake of placing their gutter hangers too far apart. Gutter hangers that are spread too far can sag and possibly break.

A sagging gutter can cause water to overflow, which may cause the landscape near a home’s foundation to erode. This could weaken the foundation and even cause a flooded basement.

Gutter hangers should be spaced approximately two to three feet apart from each other.

4. Improper Roof Pitch Calculation

Failing to account for the roof pitch can cause its own issues. Rainwater should travel down your roof directly to your gutter and downspouts.

If it’s not steep enough, water can pool and damage your roof. This can lead to mold to grow and weaken the structure. Ultimately, DIY gutter installation can lead to a mistake with this and cause further structural issues.

5. Improper Safety

Of course, doing any outside DIY gutters project without the proper knowledge can increase the chances of injuring yourself. When dealing with great heights such as with your gutter system, you can fall or put yourself at serious risk of doing so. Even with someone helping you, you could still end up in the emergency room.

For these reasons, you should always allow a professional gutter technician to take care of your gutters. Fortunately, we at Gutter Maid specialize in rain gutter installation and repair.